These are the prices we have received for the total


The side alley on most houses is typically dead space that is little used. This type of extension is widely used in London and it hugely improves the slightly dark and cramped kitchen area of Georgian and Victorian houses found in London. For large side return extensions construction could take more than six months. These are the prices we have received for the total cost either per metre squared or for the whole job of building a double storey side extension cost onto your property. Even if you do not require a planning permission application for your extension project, don’t start work without talking to your neighbours. Either way, a side return extension is fantastic for housing a larger kitchen and dining area. A wrap around extension may cost around £55,000 in London. This type of extension can be utilised on any property that has a side alley, including ground floor flats as well as new builds and investment properties. A side return extension stretches your home into the alleyway at the side of your house and is very typical on Victorian or other types of period properties. The wrap around extension can provide maximum space and dramatically alter the feeling and shape of your home. Sometimes clients combine a side return extension with a rear extension to create what is called a wrap-around extension. These are side return extension ideas built from our case studies of work we have carried. At £1,580 per m2 of extra living space, this model double storey extension project offers better value for money than the flat roof single storey extension. You may find our London side extension FAQs helpful. See our page of London side extensions for some pictures of recent work. Side return extensions are often a relatively small extension, but it can have a great impact on the look and feel of your home. If you are planning an extension and want to talk through your plans contact. Side return extensions / side extensions are enjoying a huge growth in popularity amongst London families, due to their cost-effectiveness and the smaller scale nature. For this reason, it will be more of a garden room than an extension of the current living space. In terms of the covering, while a flat roof structure would cost more to build, surfacing it is significantly cheaper – so the total price comes out around the same. However, the overall cost of a two storey extension is greater. The construction time for a side return extension could be around three to four months, but many times we have turned them around faster.